Real Estate Law

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Our firm offers a full range of real estate services involving negotiation and preparation of contracts, lease agreements, closing of residential and commercial properties, mortgage closings and refinance transactions for lenders and individual clients, and all matters involving landlord tenant relationships.

Employment and Labor Law - Corporate & Individual

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Our office has successfully represented both employers and employees in all aspects of employment and labor law claims and legal issues. We offer our expertise in employment defense as well as plaintiff prosecution of claims and are well-versed in State and Federal practice as well as arbitration.

We offer an honest evaluation of all potential violations of State and Federal employment and labor statues and regulations at both the corporate and individual level and will discuss the most effective strategy for resolving them.

Additionally, we have represented corporations drafting State and Federally compliant policies, guidelines and handbooks for implementation in the workplace environment.

Personal Injury and Negligence Law

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Our office has extensive experience in handling and resolving motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, construction site accidents, assaults, serious falls, transit accidents, accidents occurring in homes and medical malpractice incidents and negligence resulting in injury to our clients.

We understand that the injuries sustained by our clients are often life-changing and traumatic and we strive to obtain compensation that will help alleviate the burdens and challenges our clients encounter because of these accidents and occurrences.

Divorce and Family Law

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The decision and process of dissolving a marriage is often a very emotional and difficult event for all family members and children involved. It is our philosophy when representing clients in a divorce or custody matter to minimize this stress for the participants and to advocate for the least adversarial method of obtaining what our clients are legally entitled to within the guidelines of the law.

While we believe in zealous representation for our clients and the equitable distribution of assets, we will not engage in tactics we feel are antithetical to maintaining an amicable and professional relationship with our adversaries.

Our goals as your matrimonial and family law firm is to not only represent our clients completely and knowledgeably, but to offer support and availability throughout with constant communication with clients and children involved in this process.

Insurance Litigation

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With over twenty (20) years as a leading trial attorney representing medical providers and healthcare facilities in all aspects of No-Fault and Insurance Regulatory litigation, our firm has excelled in obtaining some of the highest settlement and favorable trial outcomes for our clients.

We are well-respected and recognized among our peers, within the Court Systems and Arbitration Forums and  have also offered our expertise to successfully litigate coverage and other sophisticated issues regarding disclaimers of payment for various categories of claims.


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From review, revisions and drafting to negotiating or arbitrating and litigating contracts, Our firm has mastered the area of Contract Law.  We are available to offer complete contract review, drafting and negotiating skills for all of our client’s individual or business needs, big, mid-sized or small.

Our skills have led to our client’s repeat satisfaction by successfully defending potential breach of contract claims and advising our client’s how to eliminate ambiguities and liabilities in their contractual relationships that are germane to their personal and professional lives and livelihood.